By Dylan Jones


“Climate change”, or – How to distract attention from the deliberate project to melt the Arctic


Two modes of climate modification were the cause of the extreme fluctuations in weather and the accompanying distortions in the jet stream.

The slowing of the west to east flow of the jet stream produces large meandering lobes that can stall, resulting in long periods of unchanging weather.  Source: Skeptical Science

At the time of writing, early January 2017, central and eastern Europe had been in the grip of extremely anomalous cold weather.

In this weather bulletin Chris Fawkes explains that the loops allow warm air into Arctic regions and cold air into parts of southern Europe. Around 20 seconds, note the abnormally pronounced trough in the jet stream extending down all the way to Greece and Turkey.


Now watch the second video of this BBC article:

Europe cold weather death toll rises

At around 22 seconds, we again have an image of the distorted jet stream pattern.

 Chris Fawkes:

 What brought the cold weather to Europe was a very elongated jet stream pattern that allowed cold air to sink southwards out of the Arctic

But in fact: The jet stream is a result of the interaction of cold and warm air masses. It does not “allow” anything.

 Contrary to popular belief, the jet stream does not “cause” weather conditions of a certain type to occur. Its existence is instead the result of certain weather conditions (a large temperature contrast between two air masses).

 The cold air mass was artificially intensified, resulting in it encroaching further south along with the associated jet stream pattern.

 Observe this time that the jet stream actually splits and forms a ridge north and a trough south. This is an indication that whilst cooling modification is being employed south, through the use ofartificial ice nucleating agents such as potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, urea and bacteria that drive temperatures above freezing to below, warming modification, the predominant mode entailing the laying down of artificial cirrus cloud formations, is employed further north.

 What’s important to note is that whilst Greece and Turkey are being inundated with cold, the Arctic continues warming at an unprecedented rate. The cold air masses are not originating from the Arctic, they originate from further south.

“Forecasted surface temperature anomalies (°C; shading) from 10 – 14 January 2017. Note the warm temperatures across much of the US and Northern Europe with cold temperatures in Southern Europe, much of Asia and Western Canada and the Northwestern US. The forecast is from the 00Z 9 January 2017 GFS ensemble.”

 As the nucleated ice region moves south it is further supplemented with cloud formations moving up northwards and eastwards that have also been augmented by means of cloud seeding, artificial water vapour generation and sustained radar frequency, both on the ocean and on land. This meeting of cold and warm gives rise to the intense storms, the sudden and unnatural “flashing over” into “heavy wet snow” and “thunder snow” that the Mediarologists love to talk about.  

 Geoengineering: Polar Vortex – Ice Nucleation 101

 The artificial nature of these events is further highlighted by the speed that temperatures return from abnormally low to abnormally high once the engineered cool downs are temporarily terminated.

 This is a persisting and not an isolated phenomenon:

 This GISS map below shows the departure from average high temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere Winter (Dec-Jan-Feb) from the period 2015-2016.

Fig 1: Global map

This one shows the same for the Northern Hemisphere Fall (Sep-Oct-Nov) in 2016.

Fig 1: Global map

 We can see the shift in the location of the cooling climate modification over Northern Asia. Despite this, Arctic temperatures are nearly off the charts. 

A curtain of ice is being drawn across the heavily populated regions of Europe.