Media responses to COP21 and climate engineering opportunities; contributions that include CE in the climate policy portfolio after the Paris climate talks.

Final Agreement of COP21 (pdf)


Global Forest Coalition: The Phantom of the COP21 Opera: bioenergy with carbon capture and storage


e360: Paris COP21: An Unexpected Move Toward Global Target of 1.5 Degrees


Carbon Brief: COP21: Experts discuss ‘greenhouse gas emissions neutrality’

New Politics: Statement from new Climate Space initiative about COP21

Road to Paris: Top scientists weigh in on current draft of Paris climate agreement

Global Justice Ecology Project: No to 1.5°C with Geoengineering!


New Internationalist blog: Geoengineering: a boon for big business not the environment


Center for Carbon Removal: 6 things I learned at COP21 about carbon removal


Slate: Can We Achieve the Paris Climate Goals Without Unproven Technology?

The Guardian: EU says 1.5C global warming target depends on ‘negative emissions’ technology


Die Klimazwiebel: What Klimazwiebelists have to say on the COP21 result

Bellona: Bellona calls on European Commission for a negative emissions advisory body


News24: Two options for implementing COP21 targets


Center for Carbon Removal: Things I believe about carbon removal: Post-COP21 December, 2015


Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment: After Paris, time for an honest conversation – Simon Nicholson


Energy Post: We need to get serious about negative emissions – fast

Independent: COP21: Paris deal far too weak to prevent devastating climate change, academics warn


Shell Blog: Exploring the Paris Agreement – the new global goal


Energy Collective: ‘Climate Geoengineering’: As Contingency Plan Perhaps the Sharpest Tool in the World’s Climate Tool Box


Geoengineering Monitor: The hidden agenda: how veiled techno – utopias shore up the Paris Agreement



David Keith

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Is shading the Earth from the sun a solution to climate change?5:09


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