Why the Planetary Movement for Mother Earth is NOT signing the „Earth Day Communique – 22nd April 2020“ on „Making Peace with the Earth“ by Dr. Vandana Shiva.

On the 19th of April 2020, we, the Planetary Movement for Mother Earth, PMME, based in Austria, reveived a letter from Vandana Shiva, including her Earth Day Communique for the 22nd of April, to be signed by our organization.

We, however, are not going to sign this document. Why not?

The Planetary Movement for Mother Earth will not sign this communique, because it is not even about the most dangerous of the forces that are destroying Mother Earth, not mentioning them insofar as the most aggressive weaponized technologies are concerned.

They are not present in any part of the communique. Why not?

Dr. Vandana Shiva has known about them early on already, as she told me. She was one of the first to read the book of Dr. Rosalie Bertell, published in 2000 as „Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War“. This book is about the history of then 60, today 80 years of inventing technologies of environmental warfare as „geoengineering“ that would use, change, and apply the energies of our planet in order to transform it into a weapon of mass destruction and a new gigantic war-machine at the service of the military-industrial-complex (Bertell 2000). This book contains the descriptions of all the methods developed to influence the weather by „weather wars“ of all kind, from heat to cold, droughts to floodings, or maintaining freak weather conditions for a long time. It explains how to produce seemingly natural catastrophes of all types, and how to use „plasma weapons“ for producing them. It speaks about the life systems of our Planet, how they work, and how they can be influenced using the technology of „ionospheric heaters“ etc.

When we knew about this book in 2010 we were deeply shocked by it and went on founding the PMME in order to spread this new knowledge everywhere on earth. We translated the book into German – later into other languages – and invited Vandana Shiva because of her engagement to become a member of our International Council and to write a preface for the German edition (Shiva in Bertell 2011-2018). She accepted, though I still am wondering why, because she had never officially reacted to Bertell´s book before or after contributing with her preface!

The Questions to Vandana Shiva

8 cose che ho imparato da Vandana Shiva | Donna Moderna

1. As a physicist and a very clear mind, you cannot have missed the point of Bertell´s revelations about geoengineering and its planned effects on the weather, the climate, the atmosphere, the soil, the oceans, on plant and animals as well as us humans! Why did you not address these issues in your own work? The communique does not mention them, either.

2. When the climate change debate went ever more public, and the idea that CO2 would be the main reason for it became ever more prominent, you did not raise your voice to say that you knew about a better explanation, namely military geoengineering. On the contrary, you joined the chorus of the CO2-fighters and Greta Thunberg, although you know better than anyone that CO2 is a natural gas, needed by plants to build the oxygen that we breathe, and is therefore not at all our enemy or that of nature. Why did you maintain the CO2-scare and continue to do so as shown in various parts of the communique?

3. At the Right Lifelihood Award meeting 2010 in Germany, you and Rosalie were present, both as ex-winners of the RLA. Rosalie made a petition to be signed by the RLA-winners present, and they all signed, including you. It reads:

It is morally reprehensible and an offense against humanity and the Earth to interfere with the normal function of the planetary system – to cause or enhance storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, monsoons, mud slides, draught, flooding, earth quakes or volcano eruptions”.

And Rosalie shouted angrily about the CO2-debate, so that everyone would hear it:

It´s not CO2, it´s the military!“

So, why did you go on hiding this knowledge instead of using your expertise and role in the world to speak about it loudly?

4. Why did you offer us, the PMME, to sign the communique of 2020, when you knew that we were most critical of the CO2-movement for hiding the most important question of today, military geoengineering? Did you never look at our News Letters, other materials and the 2 Open Letters to Greta Thunberg though being still a member of our International Council?

5. In the communique that pretends to „make peace with the earth“ while not talking about the growing horrors done to her through military geoengineering when knowing about it, you are giving a rosy picture of another world and agriculture without explaining how this would be possible. Because the atmosphere is manipulated and poisonned in many ways which deplete, for example, the ozone layers (this reality has already been shown by Rosalie Bertell) letting the toxic heat of UV-radiation reach the ground. And, last but not least, there is the settling of thousands of 5G satellites in Space which leads to a great threat to all life on the Planet.

Why are you not informing the people by avoiding to speak about the real problems they are facing?

6. You are also not mentioning the enormeous political interests and forces behind the CO2-„climate justice“ movements that do not at all point in the direction of the alternative you are promoting. With the so called „Green New Deal“ the world´s biggest cooperations, financial institutions, the WEF in liaison with the UN, the so called “non-profit industrial complex”, are now about to commodify and destroy the whole natural world under the pretext of saving it. The demand for “net-zero” will, under the guise of saving the Planet, in practice be responsible for the financialization, privatization and destruction of it.
New technologies, partly taken from the arsenal of geoengineering and propagated under the claim of “climate restoration”, such as Carbon capture & storage or Solar Radiation Management and other nature-monetizing or military spin-off technologies, are supposed to be used, involving the spraying of the atmosphere with metal and chemical nano-sized aerosols (SRM), clearing forests, taking over agricultural land to grow genetically modified fuel crops, burning trees and crops as an energy source, and finally burying the carbon dioxide underground (CCS).
The Green New Deal should, therefore, be seen as a coup d’état for monetizing all nature and the whole Planet, transforming them into Capital.

Do you, nevertheless, actually support this „Green New Deal“?

7. Finally, the same happens with COVID-19 as if it was a warning from Mother Nature and had nothing to do with politics and new genetic technologies you must know about. In the meantime, COVID-policies have already led to the standstill of democracy and human rights everywhere, and you behave as if this lockdown could not be used to prevent everything reasonable from happening that you are proposing. The Covid-19 Lockdowns is going to act as a gatekeeper to not only impose the creation of new markets for the Corporations, but also, under the term of a “4th Industrial Revolution”, force us to use technologies that are to cause enormeous political, social, human and environmental devastation in order to obtain control of all life on the planet.

So, why do you exclude from your communique the real dangers for society, nature, life and the Planet, the technological and economical as well as the political ones?

For the PMME: Prof. Dr. Claudia von Werlhof,  forewoman, together with Mag. Maria Heibel, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Salamon, Mag. Mathias Weiss, Dr. MMag. Simone Wörer


Bertell, Rosalie, 2000: Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War, London, The Women´s Press

Shiva, Vandana, 2011/2013/2016/2018: Vorwort, in Bertell, Rosalie: Kriegswaffe Planet Erde, Birstein, J.K. Fischer (4 editions)

Werlhof, Claudia von (Ed.), 2020: Global Warning! Geoengineering is Wrecking Our Planet, Talma, Dublin (forthcoming)



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