United Flights Halted: The Malicious Work Of A Hacker Or An Old-Fashioned Computer Glitch?

Was the world’s second-largest airline grounded for nearly an hour Tuesday morning by a hacker?

Probably not. But that was the immediate suspicion after Chicago-based United Airlines began experiencing significant problems with its flight dispatch system around 8 a.m. CT.

The Federal Aviation Administration quickly issued a ground stop, effectively shutting down the airline’s more than 700 jets (except, of course, those already in the air). The ground stop order was lifted about 40 minutes later.


Belgian airspace closed: Air traffic control failure grounds all flights causing ‘chaos’ at Brussels airport and diversions around Europe

Belgian airspace has been closed after technical problems shut down air traffic control systems, causing hundreds of flights to be cancelled and diverted around Europe.

Passengers trapped at Brussels airport described “chaos” as huge queues built up at airline desks and planes were stuck for hours on the tarmac…



Plane hacking: Security expert Chris Roberts grounded from United flights after tweet

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