Several companies are now competing to provide not just cell phone service, but Wi-Fi and the equivalent of 5G, to every square inch of the earth from satellites in space in low earth orbit. Their target dates are 2019 or 2020. They are planning tens of thousands of satellites. There isn’t much time to prevent a global ecological catastrophe.

Planned Global WIFI from Space Will Distroy Ozone Layer, Worsen Climate Change, and Threaten Life on Earth.

Welcome to Global Climate Change and Microwaves

This web site is dedicated to the alternative “Global Warming or Climate Change” theory that microwave radio frequencies are polluting our atmosphere and Earth. Another similar theory to this is the “Broadcast Theory.” The basis of the “Microwave” theory is that microwave radio frequency communications a direct relationship with global warming and climate change. The “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” problem can be a result of the use of radio waves on a global level. Here we will learn briefly about “Global Warming” or “Climate Change,” how satellites work, the principles behind the microwave radio frequency, and how orbiting satellites and Earth antennas can cause Global RF Heating and erratic weather patterns.

Some say that microwaves used by wireless, radar, mobile, and satellites are so weak that they could not affect the world. This is somewhat true. The “Broadcast” or “Global Microwave” theories are not trying to fool you into thinking the world is melting because of intense heat generated by the waves.

The theory in a nutshell is that the constant wave bombardment effects the natural pattern and flow of the earths atmosphere. The heating and molecular friction caused by RF and microwave frequencies cause erratic weather patterns. The “Broadcast and “Global Microwave” theories introduce many different concepts that most “Global Warming ” and “Climate Change” advocates do not consider. The Depth of the theory involves the use of all microwaves in general across the world from cell phone towers, radar systems, GPS, weather stations, HAARP, and more. The impact ranges from personal health, the pollution of the earth, global weather to the entire aspect of life on earth. It is worth while to consider this view of “Climate Change” and “Global Warming.”

Microwave Radio Frequencies and Earth orbiting Satellites are causing Global Warming or Climate Change!

Microwave Radio Frequencies dominate the Earth with millions of subscribers. Since the late 1950’s, Microwave Radio Frequencies have become the dominant form of communication for TV’s, Cell Phones, Weather Stations, and a host of others uses. Each of these companies having MILLIONS OF SUBSCRIBERS! Satellite transmitters and Earth antennas transmit UHF and higher microwave frequencies all over the planet. Just like a Vacuum tube in old electronic technology, microwaves are insulated by the vacuum of space. Because the vacuum of space acts as an insulator, microwave radio frequencies are scattered through our atmosphere at an accelerated rate. The Earth is a rotating electromagnetic field containing a dielectric material called water. Sending oscillating microwave radio frequencies through an electromagnetic field into a dielectric material, such as water, creates radio frequency heating (also called RF heating) at the molecular level of water.

Because Earth’s electromagnetic field points directly towards the North Pole and the Earth’s atmosphere is circulating through ordinary convection towards the North pole, the RF and Microwave transmissions are guided directly towards the Polar Ice Caps. This is causing erratic weather patterns which in turn effect the Polar Ice caps.

Since our atmosphere is made of water and the Earth is covered with water and ice, microwave radio frequencies pass through our atmosphere, oceans, and ice caps. Because the wattage levels are minimal, weather change is caused by a constant flow of waves that are never turned off. “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” is exacerbated by the mass use of artificial satellites and the use of microwave radio frequencies. The industrial Revolution happened at the beginning of the 1800’s. Yet, in the late 1950’s is when Global Warming or Climate Change became an issue. We can see that “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” only became an issue with the mass use of radio and microwave frequencies.


Green House Gasses are not the cause

The evidence that is provided by scientists is not pointing to “Global Warming” but “Climate Change.” The Global ice is decreasing; however, the Antarctic Ice is increasing. According to NASA,

Sea ice increases in Antarctica do not make up for the accelerated Arctic sea ice loss of the last decades, a new NASA study finds. As a whole, the planet has been shedding sea ice at an average annual rate of 13,500 square miles (35,000 square kilometers) since 1979, the equivalent of losing an area of sea ice larger than the state of Maryland every year.

Feb. 10, 2015 – NASA Study Shows Global Sea Ice Diminishing, Despite Antarctic Gains

This fact has caused great alarm all over the world. In an attempt to solve the issue of the disappearing ice, some Scientists have developed different “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” theories. The most popular theory is theGreen house Gas” theory. According to the theory, gases emitted from “fossil fuel” burning vehicles are blocking outgoing radiation. Greenhouse gases block radiation from leaving the earth and also block radiation from entering into the Earth’s atmosphere. It stands to reason that if radiation is being blocked from leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, then it is also being blocked from entering in. This creates an equilibrium between escaping radiation and entering radiation called “The Radiation Budget” or “The Earth’s Energy Balance.”

Danish Solar Energy Int. says, 

Trying to relate calculations made for the top of the atmosphere to the surface is a problem because up to 70% of incoming radiation can be blocked by the atmosphere and cloud cover.” (Solcell ltd. – Danish Solar Energy Int. )

As gasses increase in the Atmosphere, less of the Suns Radiation can enter into the Earth’s atmosphere, which in turn, causes less radiation to be trapped by the Earth’s atmosphere. The “Greenhouse Gas theory” proponents counter this argument by saying the Sun radiation wavelength is shorter than the wavelength of the radiation reflecting back from earth. (Radiation wavelength and greenhouse effect) The problem is that the “Greenhouse effect” of the Earth is a normal process. The Earth will naturally process the suns rays, greenhouse gasses, and other climate occurrences and balance them out.

The Earth having a Greenhouse effect does not necessitate that the Polar ice caps melting. In fact is that while the Polar or global Ice is decreasing the Antarctic Ice is increasing. What is happening is a realignment of the weather patterns or “Climate Change” and not a “Global Warming.”


The Radiation Budget

The below illustration demonstrates how Ultraviolet radiation from space is actually blocked by our clouds and atmosphere. (Information and Statistics from UDEL) As more gasses are emitted into our atmosphere, less radiation can enter to the earth surface. This is a Geographical fact. (See UDEL and NASA) This is why the “Greenhouse gas Theory” has some big holes in it. The Earth is not warming in the way the proponents of the the “Greenhouse Gas Theory” claim. The below illustration demonstrates how the atmosphere the Earth’s surface absorbs and reflects the suns rays. The reception of the suns rays from space has a percentage of absorption and reflection that is dependent on the Earth’s atmosphere and surface.

The illustration shows that 65% is absorbed and 35% is reflected. Of the 35% that is reflected, only 4% is actually reflected from the surface of the Earth. This also can decrease with the emission more particles into the atmosphere. What does this mean? It means the amount of gasses in the atmosphere creates less sun rays from entering to the surface, in turn creating less reflection of those rays from the Earth. The Greenhouse Effect is normal behavior for the Earth.

Climate Change and not Global Warming

The weather is changing more than it is warming. This shows that the “Green House Gas Theory” falls short of an adequate explanation of what is happening in our climate. Global average temperature is one of the most-cited indicators of global climate change, and shows an increase of approximately 1.4°F since the early 20th CenturyNOAA – Global Climate Change Indicators

According to the actual evidence, the Earth has warmed 1.4°F from over 100 years. There is not enough evidence to show that this is abnormal. The timeline that is presented by the “Greenhouse Gas” proponents starts in 1880. What the actual temperature fluctuation was in the thousands of years prior to 1880 is pure speculation. The percentage of warmth globally is insignificant and there is not enough actual data from years prior to 1880 to support the “Green House Gas Theory.” We also don’t have enough actual data of the fluctuation of the size and formation of the Polar Ice caps. We only have the recent images from satellite and aerial photography.


The Microwave Field

The below image demonstrates how microwave transmissions work with the environment. Microwaves scatter THROUGH the atmosphere whereas solar radiation does not. As the microwaves penetrate to the surface, the water, ice, and atmosphere have microwave frequencies passing through them. This causes friction in the ice and water at the molecular level. This friction causes heat which is called Radio Frequency Heating. This is the basic principle behind the Microwave Oven. Click here for a great explanation of Radio Frequency Heating.


It was not until UHF Frequencies in 1952 and theSpace Racebegan did Global Warming or Climate Change become an issue. Since the late 1950’s, there have been thousands of satellites launched into outer space and even more antennas built that transmit to those satellites on Earth. These Satellites orbit Earth in Polar” and “Geo Stationary” orbits. One satellite covers an area the size of North America! With the overlapping of each satellite footprint, it is clear that as we increase the amount of satellite transmissions and the use of microwave transmissions on earth, the Global Warming or Climate Change of the Earth increases. Global Warming or Climate Change becomes a greater issue with the increase of communications on earth and with satellites and the use of microwave frequencies. Today there are Satellite TV, Internet, GPS trackers, Cell phones, radar, HAARP and a host of other uses that are increasing by the day with each of these products having millions of subscribers. Direct TV alone has 16.8 Million customers. The amount of microwave transmissions entering in and out of our atmosphere is staggering. It is not just a few hundred; but, millions of waves. 


The Solution to Global Warming or Climate Change

Global Warming or Climate Change is caused by the use of UHF and higher microwave frequencies at an enormous rate. The use of these frequencies must be restricted. “Greenhouse gases” are not the cause of global warming and cutting Greenhouse gasses will NEVER stop Global Warming or Climate Change. The use of Microwave Radio Frequencies has a direct link with Global Warming or Climate Change. Microwave transmissions are causing RF heating on a global level. Trash satellites litter space, there are many active satellites in orbit, and wireless companies are perpetuating their products by the millions, and everything is inclined to go Wireless. Cleaning up the trash in space and restricting the use of Microwave radio transmissions are the solution to Global Warming or Climate Change.


Worse Than Global Warming: Wave Technology

95 pages , Safe Goods , 2007-10-01 

There exists today a distinct threat to all of civilization as we know it. The unchecked proliferation of electromagnetic technology worldwide can wipe out all that we rely upon. Frequency saturation of the precious envelope of air surrounding our planet may today be affecting her stability. All our efforts to rectify global warming may be in vain should our new weapons and technology cause a major axis shift to Earth. • Are the ancient prophecies warning us not to repeat their mistakes? • Can electromagnetic pulse weapons wipe out our electricity-based infrastructure? • Will we trigger a pole shift? • Is weather modification technology being used as a weapon? • Does science consider the long-term effects of atmospheric frequency saturation? • Is global warming a natural occurrence or are we accelerating it?

“Microwaving Our Planet,” 1997, Arthur Firstenberg:


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