On 8th and 9th April the European Parliament will host a conference entitled:

– civil society versus geoengineering –
(Rue Wiertz , 60 Altiero Spinelli, ASP 1G3 from 9.00 to 10.30 a.m. ) Afterwards there will be a
press conference open to accredited correspondents. The previous evening at 6.30 p.m. in the
same room there will be a screening of the documentary “Why in the world are they
Spraying?” by the American director Michael Murphy.
The conference has been promoted by civil society organizations grouped together in the
international platform “Skyguards”, in collaboration with the Alternative-Political Laboratory,
and patronized by the parliamentary groups The Greens | European Free Alliance and Alliance
of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.
The objective is to resume the work commenced in 1998, by the Committee on Foreign
Affairs, Security and Defense Policy of the European Parliament, culminating in the adoption
of a proposal for a resolution “On the Environment, Security and Foreign Policy”, on 14th of
January 1999 , with Mrs. Maj Britt Theorin as rapporteur.
This resolution has been ignored, in spite of the fact that it demanded detailed investigation of
its conclusions on military experiments being carried out in the atmosphere; in spite of the
fact that it put forward the need for protection of the population, public health and
environment; in spite of the fact that it underlined the need for citizens to be provided with
the means for discovering the purpose, scope and meaning of the experiments being
conducted over their heads.
Since that time no measures of transparency have been adopted. Even in the face of evidence
that the Earth’s atmosphere has become the site for experiments threatening public health:
clandestine aerosol sprayings of substances of unknown composition and for unrevealed
purposes; in spite of the fact that ever more sophisticated military research is taking place in
disregard of the most elementary precautionary principles; in spite of the fact that the new
weapons systems focus on military utilization of the ionosphere and the upper parts of the
atmosphere (as in the case of the HAARP project).
These are not vague complaints. There is proof of fraud, enshrouded in secrecy. And of the
compliance of putatively democratic institutions that launch attacks and cast aspersions on
those who want to be informed, issuing blanket denials. The organizers are demanding that
the resolution of 14th January 1999 be implemented, and updated, given the amount of
documentation in existence today underlining the seriousness of this matter. The European Parliament has at its disposal the juridical instrument of the extraordinary
parliamentary investigative committee. It is essential that this be employed without any
further delay. The promoters of the initiative express their gratitude to the parliamentary
groups that have patronized the event. They also demand that the proposal be taken to the
Presidency of the European Parliament to be examined. They demand that a public debate be
opened in which civil society must participate, and in this connection ask to be consulted in
order to submit evidence and proof of what is happening.
For our part, we will do all we possibly can to call the attention of European public opinion to
this violation of European principles, this aggression against the environment and the health
of citizens, and to the silence of complicity in the concealment of extremely serious
wrongdoing, entailing legal and penal responsibilities. Silence is unacceptable.
Josefina Fraile
+34 680 91 52 00
European Parliament
Tatjana Zdanoka
+32 75 66 96 21

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