Dear all
After few months of hard work, researches, interviews, shooting and editing hours, we finally almost reached the end.  In july 2013, thanks to our indiegogo campaign, thanks to you, we were able to keep the workflow going for the making of OVERCAST and were able to achieve many goals that still were on our list. In fact this campaign and the money we collected allowed us to:
1) Make a new trip to the United States to meet and interview scientists and activists, from California to Houston Texas
2) Fly back in the sky to get new samples of air at about 9000 meters ( 29000 feet)
3) Continue the filming process of Matthias investigation in Germany, in France, in Switzerland
4) Film and insert the cover shots planned with a drone
5) Continue and finish the edition before the animation process, the final sound and image corrections, mixing and the music composition for the soundtrack.
While such a production is very costly on paper, we are about  to achieve, with very few means, an ambitious and extremly well documented movie, giving the floor to many scientists and activists in the world. But reality is reality and after five years of work and despite our constant effort to be as efficient as possible, we came to the conclusion that a larger budget is still necessary to reach the conclusion and the film we would like to present in the future.
Many of you asked me about the movie, about the analyses, about the dates of release and I would be delighted, yet, to answer all those questions but for that we still have to comply with these two main steps:  1) Confirm our first analyses ICP-MS
2) Finance part of the post production after editing (mainly the sound mixing and the making of the different masters image/sound)
In order to achieve all of that for July, we decided to launch one last campaign for the movie <>, starting now and for 30 days. As usual, we don’t ask for much but what we asked is the minimum we need to reach our goal. I know that most of you helped us in the past and contributed to the making of Overcast. Today we come back to you and hope that you will be able to respond positively to this new campaign. It doesn’t matter how much you want to spend, because small numbers added make big numbers. If you care about the topic, if you are puzzled about it, if you never heard about the word “chemtrails” and want to know more about it, then spend. Spend: 10, 20, 100 or more and help us finish what has been started with courage and passion almost five years ago.
While you are in front of your computer, take also the time to spread the news, to forward this message and the link to our campaign. Use Facebook, twitter and whatever social networks we have today to spread the word to make people know that we are here, working on something that will be a film but also an element of public and global interest.
Don’t be shy, click here: OVERCAST THE MOVIE <> and support us. And if you rather go through our website, you can also go there to contribute: DEDAL FILMS <>
If not already, follow us on facebook <>, as more news will come in the months to come.  We hope that you will be there for us once again and do not hesitate to communicate with us for any inquiries or questions you could have.
Thank you
Tristan Albrecht
OVERCAST’S producer

OVERCAST Trailer in english from DEDAL FILMS on Vimeo.

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