U.S. Air Force Launches X-37B Space Plane on Fourth Mystery Mission

Most details about the space plane are classified, but the launch vehicle also carried 10 miniscule “cubesats,” including the LightSail solar sail, developed by the Planetary Society…

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Is the X-37B on a secret spy mission for the US Air Force? Amateur astronomers spot mystery space plane in an unusual orbit

  • X-37B drone blasted off on a fourth mysterious mission on May 20

  • Theories range from it being a space bomber to destroying satellites

  • X37-B has been spotted surveying the same region every two days

  • It is also flying at a lower than usual orbit, experts have revealed

The US Air Force’s top secret X-37B space plane has been caught on camera by a team of amateur astronomers.

The unmanned plane launched atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V on May 20 on its fourth mission, but most of the details about its flight remain classified.

The latest image, however, provides new insights into the spacecraft’s activities and has fuelled speculation that X-37B may be a spy plane.

‘It’s in a lower orbit than normal … had us confused for a while, as I thought it would be the standard operating orbit,’ tracker Greg Roberts told Space.com.

‘The inclination is also lower than before.’….

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