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In a two-part presentation for the International Crimes Investigative Committee (“ICIC”), Matthew Ehret, a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review, spoke to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich about the structure of modern oligarchism by going back to the geopolitically relevant beginnings of a globally ruling conglomerate that has infiltrated all socio-political structures over centuries up to the present day and revealed its full power in the so-called “Corona Pandemic.”

Matthew Ehret explained the (geopolitical) history with vivid images, navigated by the fall of Rome and the emergence of the Vatican, Canada and the British Empire via the City of London and the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) to the associations in Freemasonry and the so-called three-letter US organisations of today.

We have been living under a system of oligarchism of these hereditary powers for a long time.  The centre of world government was localised, primarily, in the City of London.  The City of London, just like today, was back in 1776 the world global financial nerve centre,” Ehret said. “The British East India Company, after having merged with the Dutch East India Company, was the first multinational corporation with its own private mercenary force integrated deeply with the British Parliament … coordinated by British intelligence [and] the British Foreign Office.”

King Charles III has walked in his father’s footsteps as the President of the British World Wildlife Fund for Nature, has expressed the Malthusian idea that the human population isn’t qualitatively different from the animals as far as population limits are concerned and admires people like notorious paedophile Jimmy Saville, who was one of his mentors and a close friend of his father Prince Philip.

Prince Philip was trained in a Nazi-managed programme in high school. His four sisters went on to marry Nazi SS officers.  Together with Julian Huxley and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Prince Philip founded the World Wildlife Fund for Nature.  The idea of this organisation was to shift the moral values of society away from intrinsic human values, which had caused previous attempts at a new world order to fail, and change societies’ values to “save nature from humans.”

The idea was that “[when] humans try to apply science or technology to make their lives better … we’re going to create a new type of system of logic called World Problématique – which will always try to map out the amount of problems that problem-solving causes.  So, the idea was it was like a science of problems not problem-solving, and they called that a science. And they said this will be the basis of the Club of Rome.  This will be the basis of the new type of science of ecologism which will try to find ways of justifying why human beings should not have any impact in the universe and the fewer of us that there are, the better it would be for everything,”  Ehret said. “So, this is what the World Economic Forum, despite it being called a business platform, was designed to [ ] promote under the ‘veneer’ of business.”

Klaus Schwab, a sociopath and a protégé of Henry Kissinger, was selected and assigned to create “a sort of junior Bilderberg group.”  WEF was created in 1971 and in 1973 the idea of stakeholder capitalism was introduced in the Davos Manifesto.  This was the same year that the Club of Rome’s ‘Limits to Growth’ report was introduced to the Davos crowd to showcase the absurd idea of controlling global population levels according to computer models.

The primary funder and patron of WEF’s 1973 Davos meeting was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who was a former Nazi officer and had previously founded the Bilderberg group.  The Bilderberg group is a globalist organising committee that meets annually.  It was set up as a mechanism for coordinating international policy around accomplishing what Adolf Hitler failed to do in the 1930s/1940s – which was to subvert the sovereign nation-state system and institute a structure of global fascist regimes, with regional districts of the Earth controlled under a central command.  In the 1930s/1940s, the central command was the City of London.

Charles III is a devoted fan of WEF, Ehret said.  He was brought into WEF in the late 1970s to participate in WEF’s activities.  “He was the figure selected [in 2020] … to announce The Great Reset agenda – to solve global warming and the so-called pandemic at the same time by resetting all of human civilisation and putting on line a programme … under a new system of value functions.  And, although they won’t say ‘depopulation’ too overtly on their official platforms when you look at the effects of doing the sorts of things that the World Health Organisation treaty agreements are proposing or the policies of the green new deal fanatics … the effect would be, unfortunately, [ ] massive depopulation.”

Charles III is also the head of the Commonwealth of Nations which represents approximately 21.5% of the world’s land area.  Although Britain doesn’t have as much control as during the height of the British Empire in the 1920s, Britain still has some degree of influence in the Commonwealth nations.

One of the similarities between the Empire and the Commonwealth is the international narcotics trade. “How does international terrorism get its funding, its directions, its logistical support?  … Terrorism internationally … gets support [as well as directions] from intelligence agencies …  and the money required … often occurs through drug money laundering, which occurs … through shell companies and offshore British Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands and other operations typically under British Commonwealth territories specifically designed for that purpose,”  Ehret said. “This is part of one aspect of the real invisible Empire.”

The turning point for the USA coming under the control of Britain was William McKinley’s murder in 1901.  After he was murdered, an Anglophile named Teddy Roosevelt became President of the United States.  Shortly afterwards, Roosevelt declared, for the first time, an Anglo-American “special relationship.”  Roosevelt was a devout eugenicist and he facilitated the emergence and government support of sterilisation of the unfit laws, eugenics and population control laws.  His Attorney General was Charles Bonaparte, a distant cousin of Napoleon, who was assigned to create a secret police operation within the heart of America which took the name of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”).  The FBI was modelled on what was then two newly formed organisations in Britain: MI5 and MI6.

Today, because of Edward Snowden’s revelations, people realise the Five Eyes – the intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA – has much more influence than previously known.  “The primary five countries that are part of the Five Eyes didn’t admit to the existence of this thing really until the 1990s.  Edward Snowden revealed you have this supranational set of agreements that were signed in secret in 1946, the same day Sir Winston Churchill, in America, calls for the Iron Curtain – the uniting of the Anglo-Saxon races into one common front against communism that set into motion the Cold War,” Ehret said.

The agreement featured the connection of the various intelligence agencies of the five countries to work together as part of warfare against their own people as well as against other nations including, but not isolated to, the communist bloc. The Five Eyes was the creation of a British programme.  “It’s often sold as being an American-directed operation.  In my research, my research keeps on showing me that it’s actually British steered that might use American muscle but is not itself causally driven by anything authentically American per se,” Ehret said.

The National Security Agency (“NSA”) is the USA branch of the Five Eyes.  The NSA interfaces very closely with the FBI, CIA and US Army intelligence.  Winston Churchill’s cousin, General Marlborough Churchill, founded the American Black Chamber in 1919.  In 1930, the year Gen. Churchill left and founded the Macy Commission, the American Black Chamber was rebranded as the NSA.

ICIC Law: Who rules the world and since when? Part 1, timestamp 42:42

The Macy Commission or Foundation promoted the sterilisation of people whose children were likely to be criminals, have low IQ etc – as determined by the genetics of the parents, statistics, mathematical models and future scenarios which ignored all socio-economic variables.  On this basis, “a lot of people were sterilised,” Ehret said, particularly in native populations in North America. 

The Macy Foundation, after World War II, went on to found the Macy Foundation Conferences on Cybernetics.  Cybernetics was a new science of controls based on the idea that every system, e.g., nature or the human economy, could be modelled on a computer and managed by a central command.  This put the Foundation at the heart of the Club of Rome because the Club of Rome’s guiding language is cybernetics.

Working closely with Gen. Churchill was Claude Dansey.

CIC Law: Who rules the world and since when? Part 1, timestamp 47:46

If you have little time and are unable to watch his full presentation, from this point on (timestamp 47:46) it is well worth hearing what Ehret has to say.  He gave numerous rapid-fire facts, too many to note in this text, about Claude Dansey, John Churchill, the Cecil family, the takeover of Britain in 1688 by the Venetian Party, the installation of William of Orange, the setting up of the Bank of England, the takeover of the Netherlands by the Venetian families, how the Venetian families gained power after the fall of Rome and more.

ICIC Law: Who rules the world and since when? Part 1, 16 June 2023 (67 mins)

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