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By Peter Koenig Geneva

To get to the truth about Ukraine, the Ukraine-Russia war, is about as hard, as getting to the truth on the covid plandemic. The narratives are based on lie-after-lie-after-lie… all funded by billions and billions of tax-payers money by wester governments. 

We have a corrupted to the bones wester mainstream media. As an example, the Biden Administration – alias the Empire of Lies – just allocated a billion dollars for the US mainstream media, so that they keep saying what the government wants them to say, and censoring what the government wants them to censor. And it has worked for covid; it will also work for the Russia-Ukraine war stories.

Putin-Russia-Putin – the evil, has to be slandered and lied about non-stop… its indoctrination at its best – or worst. In today’s western society you have to be a Putin-Hater to be accepted. If you are trying to explain just part of what is really going on, wo the real aggressors are – i.e. NATO, for over 20 years – then you are a Putin-lover – and discarded from acceptable society. 

That’s where we haven gotten in our world. The situation has been further exacerbated in the last two years, when the planned onset of implementing UN Agenda 2030, alias The Great Reset, began, almost on the dot – on 1 January 2020.

The media have certainly learned how to do it from covid — and people, the big masses – keep falling for the lies, as if they – especially the western world – seem to live in total cognitive dissonance. They sense that something is not quite right, but they are too comfortable to break with the good-guys-are-the-west and the bad-guys-are-the-east narrative. Its easier for their sense of comfort to believe the western lies than to dig for the truth, read off-mainstream media and see the truth — and wake up.

Because if we don’t wake-up, there lays a horrendous society / civilization-destructive agenda ahead. THE GREAT RESET, being implemented as we speak, dream and write. Do not believe for one single moment that the sudden media disappearance of covid from one day to the next, and the equally sudden media appearance, from one day to the next, of the Ukraine-Russia war – is a coincidence. Of course it is not. Geopolitics do not know coincidences. It’s all planned. 

Learn more by reading the articles below, but first see the Bombshell Video (10 min), interview with Lara Logan, an American journalist having witnessed the truth on the ground. 

Lara Logan on Ukraine, Journalist from the War Zone – A Bombshell of Truth
(10 min. video — 17 March 2022)

Extensive US-EU Sanctions on Russia: Boomerang and Economic Backlash throughout the European Union (PressTV Interview — 16 March 2022)
Russia – Ukraine – A Light at the End of the Tunnel (15 March 2022)
Peter Koenig


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