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This material shouldn’t be there; there’s no justification for those trails in the atmosphere….
We can imagine or discover the real reasons and the people behind it all only if we find out the real composition of the doses.If we are against such things:


Only rarely in public debates is the question of climatic weaponry dealt with. There is even less talk about so-called chemtrails among people with significant roles in scientific, political or military ambits. General Fabio Mini is an exception to the rule. Since 2007 he has been writing and talking about new-generation arms which are designed to create disasters which are only apparently natural. The General broke a huge taboo when he noted that the trails in the sky are “not condensation” (1). People laugh about chemtrails, but they don’t discuss them.
In his talk at the conference in Florence, Mini, a NATO commander, re-traced the confines of the new warfare scenario. He wanted, and sought-out, a meeting with the public: “Let’s talk about them. Let’s talk about chemtrails, if you want to”.
Mini is a communicator about strategy. He holds a science degree and a degree in humanities. He has taken part in top-level psychological operations (2). We should think over what he had to say on this occasion. Mini is good at getting complex data across to people without oversimplifying what needs to be said. His approach is the opposite of ‘smoke and mirrors’. His pauses are significant. He weighs his words and doses his pauses carefully. The pauses count, and we must listen to them.
“I don’t know what it’s for. I don’t even know if it’s any use at all. I wonder what these people are doing. They’re all around the place and the frequency is amazing…. Every day…”, comments Fabio Mini, referring the trails in our skies: long, short, broad, slender, an amazing range of forms and colours, never seen in the past.
Air force personnel, weather forecasters and civil air traffic controllers, the national and international press, environmental bodies and associations, ministers, MPs, TV and radio, parties of all colours, and scientists all agree: there is nothing wrong or strange about our skies. The trails we see in the sky can be very easily explained – the air traffic has intensified. Mini openly expresses his doubts.
There are trails. And the trails are NOT normal. Mini is clear about this. During the war in Kosovo, cloud manipulation played an important strategic role and did take place. Mini explains how and why. Cloud cover can be created artificially and it can be dispersed. It can be, and is, a war tool. Atmospheric manipulation exists. It is used to change the weather – and chemical substances, polymers and other materials are used, Mini tells us. He names a number of these substances: Sodium, Barium, Aluminium. They have a use. They deflect electromagnetic waves. We can think of the chaff used in electronic warfare.
However, Mini believes thousands of substances are to be found distributed over territories, including, for example, depleted Uranium after the Balkan war.
After listening to certain superficial reassurances and sneering denials from experts, meteorologists and ecologists in regard to certain phenomena in the sky his doubts multiplied. If people who want answers are told they’re crazy, we’re bound to get suspicious, says the General. And now he asks, “If these experts have scientific proof, why haven’t they given the proof to us? What interests lie behind their decision to adopt non-arguments like this? If the answers are on another level than scientific/rational discourse, if they’re psychological/emotional, then something’s up. These are the methods you use when you’re making propaganda!” If his military colleagues scoff at the suspicions, Mini reckons it’s more than likely they don’t know actually what it is that they’re covering up. He does not deny that there’s a conspiracy of silence, but he believes the veil can be pierced: “You rely too much on conniving silence”, he insists, with a smile. Mini thinks that, in Italy, State Secrets will last only for a certain length of time. “Sooner or later, someone will speak up”. We must therefore avoid concluding that the conspiracy of silence is unbeatable. We must look for the cracks through which we can bring it down.
According to Mini, the people who rule over us react to two things – money and politics. Positions of power. You’ve got to look for the weak points. We must aim to verify, and for a confession from the authorities. Bodies and institutions should be at the citizenry’s service. We must go to them. We must lean on them to get official data.
We must insist on the responsibilities of people who should serve citizens. His proposal, apparently, is this: clean skies is not enough; we must be less ambitious at first and must start with the institutions. There’s a logic to this approach. Rationally, it’s hard to see how we can stop the vandalism taking place above us if the people covering up the vandals or committing acts of vandalism, and those who contribute to the project, are not flushed out into the open.
He says we must make an effort to validate facts and data, find the names and surnames, and stay on the case until a document becomes available which is authoritative in certain places of power, or places where duties are performed and responsibilities are taken on (Health, Defence etc.). If this does not happen, our doubts will be seen as pure fantasy. We need definitive proof in full detail, and it must be official, Mini insists.
..that the material shouldn’t be there; there’s no justification for those trails in the atmosphere….
We must find the means to pull the castle down. Mini concludes, “You’re convinced, and so am I, that the material shouldn’t be there; there’s no justification for those trails in the atmosphere We must stay on the case, and constantly request findings from the authorities in various sectors: the air force, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Scientific Research… we have to see if there’s a weak spot which we can breach in the universities and we must ask the people who do speak out to do so scientifically, with the data. Denial, too, becomes an instrument. It’s a specific military practice, called “denial of service”, meaning denying not only the truth or the concrete evidence but also, quite simply, information. If, in breach of their duties, everyone denies the evidence, whether they do so blatantly or more subtly, this denial is significant.
We can imagine or discover the real reasons and the people behind it all only if we find out the real composition of the doses.
If we are against such things: “WE MUST COME OUT AGAINST IT”.

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