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Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

October 7th, 2013

Environmental activist Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri (Dr. P) has died in a San Diego, CA hospital.  She had been suffering from severe lung and heart problems.  Dr. P was a gentle, warm, loving, and compassionate human being.

Her presentation at the 2012 Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference (see the video below) was one of the event highlights.  The title of her talk was: “The Assault on Our Health. Environmental Illness and Aerosol Pollution: Connecting the Dots.”

Writer, former university professor and scholar, Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, was the author  of The Uterine Crisis. This book was the result of 15 years of her independent research linking women’s reproductive illnesses with invisible environmental toxins. London’s “The Ecologist” magazine called this book “an inspiration.” Dr. Perlingieri continues to take a cross-disciplinary approach to all her research. She had a background in both science and art. In addition to her graduate academic degrees, she also had had formal herbal training and studies in the US, London, and Italy. She was a practicing herbalist for more than three decades; and she noted that plants and herbal remedies had thousands of years of safe usage and are an excellent choice.

Dr. Perlingieri lectured and wrote frequently about environmental issues that impact our health and lives. She was the Chair of the first global climate change conference in Maine (2006); and was one of 40 Americans invited to Washington, D.C. (2007), to discuss the health implications of environmental pollutants. She had written numerous articles on the illegal geo-engineered aerosol toxins in Chemtrails and their significant impact on our deteriorating health and how this is also destroying our planet’s web of life. Her work has been published in The Ecologist, E the Environmental Magazine, and various newspapers. Her online articles had appeared on the award-winning news websites, Global Research (Canada) and London’s Institute of Science in Society. She had lectured in the US, Canada, London, Paris, Italy, and Mexico, and had been interviewed on PBS-TV, Pacifica radio, and BBC radio.

Dr. Ilya Perlingieri The Environment/Chemtrails Lecture 2012


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