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Solar Radiation management is a fancy cover up for weather warfare and geoengineering programs where humans and our biosphere are being poisoned with nanoparticles and nanotechnological polymers, endocrine disruptors, Graphene Oxide and many other toxic chemicals. They call it an intervention for a fake climate crisis however the poisoning of our atmosphere is inducing the climate crisis. If you read this report, they admit that they do not know what they are doing, so they want to research solar radiation management that has been deployed for 70 years. Seems a bit late for research if you ask me, now that the planet is dying from their poisoning. Geoengineering has been going on for many decades and our biosphere is polluted by aluminum, barium and other particulate matter to the degree that our earth is facing an extinction level event. Geoengineering operations CAUSE CLIMATE CHANGE – THEY DO NOT ALLEVIATE THEM. Yet in this document, you can see first that they want to research what they have been criminally implementing on our biosphere for decades, and they falsely claim that the justification to poison our biosphere is the climate change they are causing.

The research plan states:

This Research Plan was prepared in response to a requirement in the joint explanatory statement accompanying Division B of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022, directing the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), with support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to provide a research plan for “solar and other rapid climate interventions.”

This document focuses on atmospheric-based approaches to solar radiation modification (SRM), specifically stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) and marine cloud brightening (MCB), following the recent and extensive 2021 National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) report, Reflecting Sunlight: Recommendations for Solar Geoengineering Research and Research Governance. 1 Also following the approach of the 2021 NASEM report, this Research Plan mentions cirrus cloud thinning (CCT), even though this works by increasing outgoing thermal radiation and hence is not strictly speaking SRM. There is relatively little work to date on CCT, and this Plan’s treatment of it reflects that paucity of knowledge. This Research Plan does not consider space-based approaches to SRM (commonly, “mirrors in space”), nor local-scale measures to increase surface reflectance (e.g., “white roofs”). The focus on atmospheric approaches also follows from their greater near-term feasibility relative to spacebased approaches, and the greater governance challenges of atmospheric approaches—which inherently have significant trans-boundary impacts—relative to building-scale albedo modification.

In their twisted deceptive and inverted reality way – they are justifying geoengineering to help relieve what they have been causing all along. The approach is the same as in our weaponized healthcare. Take a bioweapon shot against a fake virus, it will solve all your problems. Of course it does not, it is used to depopulate the earth.

Different story, same psychological operation deception.

The stress on the ecosystem and biodiversity is that geoengineering HAS CAUSED UNPRESEDENTED EXTINCTION OF SPECIES ON THIS EARTH VIA THEIR INTENTIONAL POISONING. SRM kills human life, it does not preserve it!

Examples of critical open questions regarding the potential of SRM to ameliorate adverse climate-driven human impacts may include to what extent could SRM: • preserve human life; • reduce climate-induced stress on ecosystems and biodiversity; • preserve the reliability and nutritional value of agricultural regions; • minimize water scarcity; • reduce the risk of housing, insurance, and other market failures; • bolster the weakest links in global and national supply chains; • reduce climate-induced geopolitical stress in areas susceptible to political strife and potential conflict; • preserve the integrity and function of physical infrastructure so it does not fail under climate stress; • ensure continuation of ecosystem services and natural capital dividends; and • improve sustainability by meeting current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

It is well known that all weather is manipulated on this planet. The below paragraph states that SRM helps human health, while it does the opposite.

Key Solar Radiation Modification Knowledge Gaps Related to Health and Well-Being: An impetus for research into SRM is to understand its potential to alleviate adverse human impacts related to health and well-being. Increased morbidity and mortality due to extreme heat is the most direct impact of a warming climate,33 and is perhaps the health impact most likely to be ameliorated by implementing an SRM strategy.34 Health endpoints related to air quality are more complex than direct heat impacts and have been studied more for SAI scenarios than for MCB and CCT.

I am a certified Chelation Practitioner and detoxify people from heavy metals. Here is a sample heavy metal urine test taken at my clinic – to give you some idea of the amounts of toxic poisonous metals sprayed on us and present in our environment. These toxic metals, many of them sprayed via geoengineering, cause all diseases of aging. Unless they are removed, they continue to bioaccumulate and synergistically cause diseases that are adversely affecting future generations. They are also part of the nanotechnological surveillance grid for absolute control of all humans. These metals are a frequency antenna that allow access and facial recognition tracking from satellites in space.

This paragraph should make everyone stop in their tracks:

Beyond the fundamental needs of food and water, healthy ecosystems provide substantial and often unrecognized services to people and societies. Changes in the environment due to climate change and other human-driven stressors result in changes in the ability of ecosystems to provide those services. The ongoing Holocene extinction event is likely driven largely by human-driven stressors, resulting in loss of biodiversity in terrestrial and marine environments throughout the Earth at a rate unprecedented in human history.

The term Holocene extinction event is defined by climate change extremists as this:

Many believe that the earth is presently undergoing another mass extinction event, the “Holocene extinction event,” and consider the arrival of human beings, and their dispersal over the globe, as linked to this current event.

They are admitting that we are currently in an extinction level event, that they have induced via poisoning our biosphere, but they brainwash the masses saying it happened because humans arrived on earth. They are using this extinction level event as a reason to poison our earth some more with absolute catastrophic consequences. They are blaming humans and their carbon emissions on this extinction level event. Many scientist have debunked the climate emergency. Read here the World Climate Declaration stating there is no climate emergency.

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There is however, undeniably, a poisoning of our biosphere and all life on earth via geoengineering/ solar radiation management. If you would like to know more about the last 70 years of weather warfare, this is a great article.

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