Heirs of Rosalie Bertell? Her Significance for a Women’s Movement, in View of Today’s “New War Against All Life and Mother Earth Herself”

Author’s Presentation: DEP Conference “Disarming Women- Donne Disarmanti”,
University Ca´Foscari, Venice, Expanded and Revised in 2022

By Prof. Claudia von Werlhof

Methodological introduction

You may be astonished or even shocked by my following presentation, as it may seem very unusual to you or even rather radical.

The reason for this is the different perspective from which I am speaking now: I am no longer arguing from a merely human point of view. The human or social point of view is the usual one in modern times of anthropocentrism, which includes women and their views as well. However, even ecofeminism did not yet arrive at really shifting perspective, or changing sides – i.e. meaning to change to the side of nature, life and even the planet as such, looking at the world from a different, that is non-human – or more than human – perspective.

This perspective was originally an indigenous one, one that we, in the West, have abolished with colonialism. My perspective, nevertheless, differs from the indigenous one insofar as nature and the planet today are not the same any more, because they have been and are widely being transformed, even „wrecked“, as Rosalie Bertell calls it. This is due to something that I call patriarchy, which is a civilization that disregards and hates all life, because it wants to replace it by its own „creation“, and as a consequence, engages in its deliberate destruction process.

Strangely enough, however, nearly nobody sees this destruction – as we have no concept for it. We are blinded by a „progress“ that goes along with the destruction. It seems to be beyond our perception even though we know from detailed measuring of its magnitude, that destruction exists. The Austrian philosopher Günther Anders who made the most profound and radical critique of the nuclear threat, therefore, spoke of an „apocalypse-blindness“ in Western society. He thought that this blindness regarding the dangers of modern technology is due to a general admiration for it, preventing people from recognizing the potential catastrophic consequences and even the annihilation of life these technologies are proclaiming and probably, or inevitably, would bring to the world, sooner or later.

In order to overcome this blindness, there is only one way: looking, or trying at least, to look at the world from the perspective of nature, life and the planet itself. This means to look at what this so-called civilization has done and is doing to them as the non-human or more-than-human-world, and to speak on its behalf. Of course, its ongoing permanent destruction should be stopped immediately, otherwise, we as humans would also not survive what we do to the Other. And from the perspective of nature and the planet, this „we“ includes all those who think to do no harm at all, too, because they are part of the human race and as such co-responsible for this behavior.

In this context, I suggest the consideration of the following 16 points:

  1. We know that the question of war, the military and violence is the most central question and result of patriarchy as a civilization that has a history of several thousands of years in which war has become the „ultima ratio“ of this civilization.

Without war and a military there would be no patriarchy, and has never been. This is the main contrast to matriarchal civilization, existing for millenia, before patriarchy was established, and where no institutions of war, violence nor military existed. If somebody tried to change this, it was prevented immediately (s. Clastres).

Matriarchal cultures are egalitarian and consensus-oriented cultures, i.e. meaning finding solutions to arising problems by way of reaching a consensus within their community. However, never having experienced violent invasions by an organized military force from the outside, matriarchal societies were unable to find answers.

When confronting the question of war and violence, we directly touch the foundation of our current civilization as the last and most modern patriarchal one, „capitalist patriarchy“, as we have defined it. I call it the „Alchemical War-System“ (Werlhof 2011, 2013).

Today, the military is organized as the military-industrial complex, MIC, and related to the so-called „Deep State“ with its secret services, etc. – all that is concealed from us and does not normally reach the public.

The way the military exists today, proves how far away we are from a patriarchy-free world – contrary to those who think that patriarchy is disappearing or, has even come to an end already!

Today, we are even facing a completely new situation in this respect, namely nothing less than the ongoing destruction of life on this planet, of the planetary life-support-cycles and even of the planet itself – due to military inventions, experiments and activities on the basis of a really futuristic new weaponry, already in development since WWII, that is since more than 70 years already (s.Bertell 20000/2020; Werlhof 2021). In fact, we have entered a new world war that is even a planetary one, in the sense that it is more than global – it reaches even out to the solar system. This new, and in fact, „total“ war has started already and is going to develop much further. It involves thesimultaneous use of nuclear and post-nuclear technologies and weaponry. We call these the weapons of military geo-engineering which means that these techniques are spanning the planet as a whole, something that has never occurred in history before.

  1. A war based on military geo-engineering is different from nearly everything that we define as war until today, because this new war is not an „officially“ declared one, it has no armies the way we are accustomed to, it does not depend on borders nor limits, it does not necessarily distinguish between friends and enemies, for it is the process of transforming the entire planet and its immense natural energies, into a mega-weapon and gigantic war-machine.

Rosalie Bertell: „New wars are never fought with the same weapons than previous ones. And the next war will be one against the environment in which the weather, climate and natural catastrophes will play a role…“ (Bertell 2011).

The only thing that resembles previous wars are the secrecy and lies that are accompanying it, and the huge propaganda-system legitimizing it – even denying that it exists at all. This is possible because – as Bertell tells us – the military is, from the point of view of its weaponry, 50 years ahead of us.

  1. This war is instead explained to us as the salvation of the planet from something that we, the people, are responsible for, namely CO2-emissions growth and irresponsible consumption patterns that lead to the change of the planetary climate and a life-threatening „global warming“, as we are told (Werlhof 2021).

The new war is supposed to bring peace, as George Orwell would call this inversion.

From the totally new dimensions this war is comprising we have to conclude that it is related to a wider societal project of immense change that cannot be achieved neither democratically nor peacefully (s. Werlhof 2021, Introduction).

It seems that we are at the doorsteps of a revolution from above that is going to change nearly everything: the entire civilization, as we know it, the way how those surviving this war are going to live in it, and all of the natural surroundings, including the planet itself.

Those who believe in a salvation-project for the planet, however, are made to believe that the system agrees to get organized in an „alternative“, even „green“, way. But the „smart-cities“-propaganda tells us something else (s. Heibel 2021), like the G5 and digitalization via AI, artificial intelligence. As Maria Heibel says: CO2 is only the scapegoat to reach very different goals and obscures the truth of the arrival of a New World Order now going to be forced upon us all.

  1. It is necessary, if we want it or not, to analyze the situation and to find answers to this development, be it as human beings, be it as women, because in this war, it is life itself that is now threatened in its entirety, even the life of Mother Earth herself.

We are confronted with a completely new dimension of what is happening, on and with the earth, a dimension never heard of before in history.

This is why we are in urgent need of re-thinking the activities, reflections and feelings we until now have developed in view of war and especially the nuclear threat (s. Caldicott 2002), because in view of the new panorama that is now unfolding, our former answers are far from being suffficient.

As women, we have to confess that our movements against wars, including the nuclear threat, have not been successful so far. If we do not recognize what is going on now – and first of all, understand why – we will be even less successful today.

We even seem to have arrived at a situation in which something like the „pure war“, as Paulo Virilio called it, is approaching, a world in which not only democracy as we know it, but civil life as such is going to be overwhelmed by militarization – and eventually, effectively will cease to exist (s. Virilio/Lotringer 1984).

The actual concept of „weaponization“ may be a symptom of what is arriving, meaning that everything is being turned into a weapon: all techniques, all labor, all communication, politics, sex, health-care, educational systems, the weather and even the human being itself by being changed via „transhumanism“ (s. Werlhof 2020).

Patriarchy’s weaponized machine civilization that is bringing everything under its control – the mega-machine (s. Mumford 1970) – is now emerging on the horizon. It means that we as former free and independent humans are now supposed to become just a tiny part of this machine. This will be our new „part“-icipation.

  1. The destructive realities on earth have started to be felt everywhere.

As we have seen already, they are explained to us as the consequences of CO2 as alleged greenhouse gas emissions of civil industries and our life style, resulting in a „global warming“ and a „climate change“ we seem to be responsible for, ourselves.

This way we are supposed to feel guilty about the problems of the planet and agree to the measures proposed from above, like accepting a so-called „civil geo-engineering“ as a technology that is said to save us and the planet from global warming and climate chaos as the supposed main problems of humanity today.

However, the underlaying concepts of this „information war“ never define those who are really responsible for what is happening on earth, that is the multi-nationals, financial capital and the military industrial complex, the deep state (s. Fraile 2021) and the Fourth industrial revolution“ as such, adding AI, Artificial Intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnologies (genetic and synthetic technplogies) to military geoengineering (s. Freeland 2021). They conceal and hide from us that the entire narrative and the fake science about CO2 and global warming is an invention by the real powers to be and stems from their dark agenda for the world (s. Engdahl 2018).

After the Paris UN Climate Conference of 2015 the new IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) – Special Report of 2018 is finally propagating to implement those new planetary technologies that until now have not officially been discussed, as a possible solution (IPCC 2018).

In the first instance it is the technology of so-called SRM, solar radiation management, (or SAI), proposed of being able to cool down the planet by imitating a volcanic eruption, the so- called Pinatubo effect, which means blocking the sun by metallic particles in the atmosphere, like aluminum, sulfur (s. Keith 2015), and others (s. Werlhof 2021, Geoengineering: From geo-weaponry to geo-warfare).

This debate has been opened to the public only a few years ago and gave rise to the alleged „science“ of „civil geo-engineering“ or „climate engineering“, without mentioning the military background behind, not to speak of its disturbing history. This part of the story is bluntly denied.

  1. The work of Rosalie Bertell, however, is the first to reveal a totally different picture of what is going on in reality.

Bertell (1929-2012) was a catholic nun and scientist, specialized in biometry, environmental disaster and health questions, living in the US and Canada. She worked for the UN as a specialist for industrial accidents worldwide and founded various institutions, e.g. the IICPH, the International Institute of Concern for Public Health. Bertell was awarded 9 honorary doctoral degrees as well as the Right Livelihood Award, among others.

Since I met Rosalie in 2010 she wanted me to continue her work, publishing and discussing it everywhere, and relating it more to the question of patriarchy as our modern civilization. In this way I came to consider myself an heir of her work.

This is why I am here and why I can present today the Italian version of her most important book: “Pianeta Terra. L´ultima arma di guerra“ (Trieste 2018, Asterios).

Image source Amazon

Rosalie Bertell wrote two unique books: “No Immediate Danger? Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth“ (1985) and Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War“ (2000) – now available in Italian, French, Spanish and German, in the 4th edition already (since 2020, in the 5th edition, as well as a new enhanced English edition in 2020). They may be considered to belong to the most important books of the 21st century.

The first book discusses the health problems caused by low nuclear radiation that occurs even in peace times, next to the nuclear industry and nuclear plants, and explains the way these health problems are passed on to future generations without possibilities of being healed, because the genetic alterations they cause cannot be reversed.

In the second book, Bertell addresses nuclear and mostly secret developments of post-nuclear weapons for planetary destruction – including the ongoing destruction of the planet itself, which is actually being transformed into a giant weapon of war – and the historical development of this project in East and West so far.

  1. From the perspective of Bertell’s analysis, the realities on the planet are completely different from the ones we are told officially, and they result from very different origins than those presented to the public.

According to Rosalie Bertell’s findings, we are confronted with the results of:

  • 200 nuclear tests in the atmosphere and on earth between 1958-1998 alone, that have damaged the magnetosphere and the atmosphere, changing even the earth´s axis (now observed by the Inuit), and lowering the circular movement of the planet

  • weather and climate manipulation, the provocation of seemingly natural disasters and the change of the earth´s life support systems and cycles in the air and on the ground, by using so-called „plasma weapons“

  • SRM – solar radiation management – that is supposed to be implemented now by civil geo-engineers to combat so-called global warming, whereas SRM is already in secret use since 30 years with completely different effects and being applied for very different reasons.

SRM consists of airplanes spraying aerosols in the form of nanoparticles into the atmosphere, and they can be seen nearly everyday worldwide. They dump on us an ever increasing variety of alumimum and heavy metals like barium and strontium, fly coal ash (s. Herndon 2018), fibers, polymeres, viruses, bacteria and soon, or already, even minimachines in the form of nanobots, all of which make us sick. Furthermore, these link us as living beings via microwaves with special devices on the ground as well as with satellites in orbit (s. Elon Musk´s activities, cf. Freeland 2021).

In this way, we are continuously being poisoned; the increased toxicity in the atmosphere and in our bodies cause Alzheimer and other neurological diseases, cancer, heart and lung diseases and autism, a disease that seems to especially effect boys. According to an estimation for the US, nearly all future generations will be effected by it (s. Klinghardt 2016). We are already on the way to „transhumanism“ where our survival depends on how we manage to live as cyborgs („Homo transformator“, s. Wörer 2017; Werlhof 2020).

  • Most recently, DEW, directed energy weapons (s. Wood 2014, Johnson 2017) are to be debated, based on EM – electromagnetic – waves which seem to have been applied in 9/11 and in the so-called forest fires all over the world (s. Kadia 2021). However, the public is still lacking a more thorough analysis of such weapons.

The spraying of the atmosphere via SRM, however, is officially denied everywhere – whereas Monsanto (now Bayer) invented a seed that resists aluminum, one of the main components of the sprayings. So, how did they know?

Furthermore, the SRM-spraying technology relates to other geo-engineering techniques secretely practiced by the military, namely the above mentioned plasma weapons, because the artificial clouds produced by spraying metals, offer guidance and an artificial „replace-atmosphere“ for the electromagnetic waves of the plasma weapons to spread even there, where the atmosphere has been weakened or destroyed in the meantime (ozone depletion, s. Herndon 2018, Werlhof 2018).

This way SRM-spraying has nothing to do with cooling the planet. It has been invented and applied first in the Vietnam War as „Agent Orange“ – but an alleged cooling is the main reason why this method is now propagated to be applied in the near future!

  • Using the method of SRM now officially, only means starting to apply military geo- engineering as such, defining it as even saving the planet, whereas in reality, the opposite is true.

About the new plasma weapons:

  • The use of plasma weapons occurs from high up in the ionosphere, from 100 to 200 and much more km hight, and results in seemingly natural catastrophes on earth.

These weapons are much more difficult to understand. They are based on the inventions of Nicola Tesla – a Serbian physicist and inventor, living from 1856-1943. Tesla worked with the earth´s electromagnetism and invented the production and use of electric power in all its forms, including alternating current, electronic devices and wireless communication – all of what is in general use today.

  • Based on his work it was possible to invent arms that function with electromagnetic waves, artificially produced and pulsed up to billlions of Watt that can reach high up into the ionosphere and turn down to earth again, even passing through its core – its heart – leading to deliberate and planned destruction where they arrive.

Rosalie Bertell compared this functioning with a gun from the ionopshere that threatens the earth from above. These weapons are plasma weapons, plasma being an electrified state of matter beyond solid, liquid or gaseous. Such weapons are applied by so-called ionospheric heaters, like HAARP (High Frequency Active Aurora Borealis Research Program) in Alaska.

There are about 3-4 dozens of these installations functioning at different levels of strength on earth now, some of the most recent ones being MUOS in Sicily, and Marlow in the North-East of Germany.

  • The plasma technology is basic for all military geo-engineering, and so is all the spraying of the atmosphere necessarily related to it. From the perspective of the military and thr military industrial complex behind it, in conjunction with the dark, deep state’s agenda for the future of the planet, this technology and strategy most likely will never be given up.

  1. The ENMOD Convention (Environmental Modification Convention) of the UN is explaining all these methods already in 1977 after the Vietnam War, in which some of them had been used.

In total, they comprise the artificial implementation of: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, the change of the weather in an entire geographic region and for a prolongued period of time, hurricanes, droughts, fires, and floods, and the change of ocean currents (el Nino, la Nina).

One can also use EM waves to change the jet streams, wind currents that travel at high velocities around the earth and influence the distribution of heat and cold. One can influence the vapor streams of the earth that manage the distribution of rain, and together with sprayings one can transport humidity from one region of the world to another one, because metal in the air ties humidity (effects being rain and snow in Saudi Arabia, drying out of Europe and California…)

  1. After decades of experimentation, beginning with WW II, and an ongoing secret war on the level of the planet as such, we are now confronted with what I call the Moment of Truth“ (Werlhof 2018). It means that the earth has been damaged in a way that is finally going to be the beginning of the death of life on earth, if nothing is done NOW to prevent it.

There is in fact real evidence of it, as most recently investigated, for example:

The ongoing dying of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Deadly UV-B and -C radiation from the sun, not filtered any more by the ozone layer, reach the surface of the earth, producing a toxic burning and causing death from suffocation of many life forms, especially the small ones, because ozone is a sort of atmospheric oxygen. This way, the food chain is being interrupted and with it, the reproduction of life as such.

Already in 2007 the NASA, North American Space Agency, knew about this and did nothing to alarm the public or conduct any further research (s. Herndon 2018).

Marvin Herndon from San Diego et al. found out that life in the oceans as well as on land is affected: by dying plankton, coral bleech, and dying insects so that birds are dying out as well (s. Carson 1962: Silent Spring), and trees loose their reproductive capacities as the cell structures and their whole surroundings are genetically and chemically modified. In the end, agriculture will become impossible. As a consequence there won’t be enough food to feed the world if this process continues.

  1. Rosalie´s prophecies are already becoming dire realities: the process of the ozone–dying which she anticipated, forces us to become active now. Ozone is the dress, or gown, of the earth, a very thin, special layer that is unique in the universe and is the reason why life could develop on earth at all. Without ozone, the earth is naked, unprotected and exposed to unfiltered solar radiation of all types, of which UV is the most detrimental (plus gamma, x rays, infrared, micro waves). In the long run, should this process continue, the earth would thus look and become like Mars…uninhabitable.

It would need decades to repair the ozone layer, knowing the reasons for its depletion and stopping them from working. CFC was supposed to be the reason, and it was prohibited in the 1980‘s already (Montreal Protocol). Everybody was made to believe that the ozone layer would recover. Since 2018, however, data show that this was not the case, on the contrary. The ozone layer even weakened everywhere, not only at the poles.

  • The new bad news about the ozone layer can only be explained by the effects of radioactivity and military geo-engineering alltogether, including their civil applications:

They all are detrimental to the ozone layer which is situated in the stratosphere between 10-25 km, above the troposphere and below the ionosphere (oxygen O2 from the earths´ surface there being transformed into O3 by sun radiation). The process of ozone building is disturbed by radioactivity, (s. Fuskushima) and the ozone layer as such is threatened by EM waves, which are cutting holes into it by supersonic flights, rockets and all air traffic, especially SRM spraying – all of which are occurring next to the ozone layer, within it or travelling and cutting through it, and, last but not least, by microwaves from below and above.

The application of these technologies would have to be completely abolished, with the main problem being radioactivity which cannot be controlled once it has been released

  • Our knowledge and understanding of these processes mean that we now know what we urgently need to reclaim!

Until today there is no debate about the real reasons behind ozone-depletion, even though there is real evidence at hand as it is measured. So, the first thing to do is to inform the public which has no idea about theses dangers and their real causes. On the contrary, the „information war“ of today consists of feeding the public systematically with wrong explanations.

  1. Rosalie Bertell was still optimistic about the on-going and new movements for social change worldwide to confront the new war developing, including the women´s movement to fight for a world free of patriarchy, capitalism and the military. This was during the 1990‘s, when she wrote her book “Planet Earth“.

However, before she passed away in 2012 Rosalie, had become more pessimistic, as many movements had failed or disappeared in the meantime, or became corrupted, and also because the military and its new weaponry development were neither recognized nor understood by the public and by the social movements, including the women´s movement.

Knowledge about modern technologies has not yet become a female tradition, nor has the view of the earth like the one Rosalie Bertell had, considering the planet as a living cosmic macro-being – in which all life is inter-dependent in a larger, organic web of life, known for millenia in all pre-partriarchal and indigenous societies. This understanding was abolished with the rise of modern science which gave room for the modern view of the planet as a dead rock racing through a dead universe.

Women, and even the social movements of women today, have not yet grasped what is going on. Thus, they are not prepared for taking in, acknowledging and critically discussing what is happening in the meantime. And men and their movements normally do not develop a critique of modern technologies as they are „apocalypse-blind“ (Anders), and continue to understand and define these as progress! Our critique of patriarchy did not reach them.

  1. The two main dangers which Bertell saw, consist of this:

  • The effects of on-going nuclear radiation, including Fukushima. She asks: Are we the last generations?“ (Bertell 2016)

  • The effects of military geo-engineering. She asks: „Planet without a future? New weapons through the destruction of Mother Earth“ (Berthe 2017).

Thus, a new women’s movement is needed, if possible a global one, in order to discuss and understand the causes of patriarchy’s planetary destruction, and to promote a movement for abolishing these devastating technologies altogether.

  1. However, such a movement is unlikely to become active in due time, as most women who wanted to get organized, have fallen prey to the deliberate deception from above of the alleged dangers through CO2, unable to develop their awareness of the secret military interventions. (s. 14th Info letter PBME: Manifest of civil society and UN women for climate justice).

It has, nevertheless, to be our aim as women to organize a new movement that acts simultaneously in two directions: in favor of mother earth, the planet, nature and life, on the one hand, and in pointing to those who are actively destroying them, on the other hand, so that facts of life can be known.

By now we are all heirs of Rosalie Bertell’s findings in the sense that we know for the first time, how and by which means the war against life and the planet exists and is working!

This advantage of knowledge is due to Bertell and her years of in-depth research. But, two things we do not yet know: WHY is all this happening, and WHAT can we do to stop it.

  1. WHY has this whole destructive arsenal been developed? For Bertell it was enough to see it in relation to the destructive business of the military and the military industrial complex (MIC) as such.

In order to confront the new dangers, however, we have to understand more of it:

  • Why could these weapons be invented and get into the world at all?

  • Why was and is nearly nobody aware of them and why is nearly nobody resisting them?

  • Why is questioning the military a “taboo“, thus preventing it from becoming a part of the debate?

  • Why is the military allowed to do whatever it wants, and as we now know, even threatening all life and the very conditions of life on the planet, including the planet itself?

Here, I can offer our “critical theory of patriarchy“ as an explanation. Our research has shown that patriarchy does not consist of simply dominating women in one way or another, but that patriarchy is a system, an entire “civilization“, and it is one that has developed into what I call the „alchemical war system“ we are currently living in (Werlhof 2011, 2013, 2022/3).

This has to do with the utopian idea of patriarchs to transform the world from a mother-oriented one into a father-oriented one, which means to have the entire earthly order changed and transformed into one of male creation, instead of remaining a female/motherly one. Since the beginnings of patriarchy, for instance in ancient alchemy, this has already been discussed and practiced: techniques that would lead to revolving nature and to turn her upside down in order to become a patriarchal one instead of remaining a matriarchal one. The new civilization would thus no longer depend on mothers and nature, but be independent from them and replaced by male inventions. In the end, this process has led to modern technologies which all claim to be part of a better, more “divine and higher“ civilization – one created by the “Fathers“.

However, the other side of the coin of such progress is destruction, as the alchemy of transformation implies the death of nature and the mother, while being transformed into the raw material to be „mined“ for the „brave new world“ of the fathers.

Such is the case of geo-engineering as a form of what I call “military alchemy“. It is the latest expression of a planetary, patriarchal civilization and its “hatred of life“ – the motive for deliberately destroying this life in ever more efficient ways, and propagating its replacement by the supposedly better and higher inventions of male „creation“. This includes even the earth as such, as the military industrial complex and its deep-state thinkers are is envisioning a „better planet“, which, in their thinking, has to become a managable and obedient one, one that needs to be tamed by them, so it acts the way they want it to act– and that means: as a giant war machine at their disposal. In patriarchy, the military is in power, and nearly everybody believes in progress and development! This is the alchemical war system we live in and that is spreading to all spheres of life and around the globe.

  1. What to do? First of all, we need to spread the knowlege about what is going on and why, in order to get out of the darkness of ignorance and seduction in times of an “information war”.

We need to reclaim our planetary living conditions which the military should not be allowed to threaten, as Rosalie Bertell said. And indeed, this threat happens to land, water, air and now even to the sun light! – to all the elements of earthly life.

We women will have to invent other forms of struggle. We can learn from Rosalie´s love for Mother Earth. Her „planetary consiousness“ is a consciousness that understands the earth as a big cosmic being that is alive, friendly, beautiful and motherly, though not human. Mother Earth is the only one we have!

This implies we should be grateful and happy with this earth. We should fight for it, protect it and save it from so much aggression! This is what is most urgently needed today.

A strong being is also a vulnerable one, as we know. So, we have to accept our responsibility and change sides: from the side of human society to the side of Mother Nature, the earth, and life, looking with their eyes, letting them speak to us, listening to them, understanding their suffering, feeling their strength as well as their despair – asking them for guidance and offering them our love, respect and protection. What else?

We owe this to her and to all of life.

Because it is humans who are destroying the earth, it can only be humans to stop that. These humans are WE!

In order to muster the courage for this, and after understanding consciously Rosalie Bertell’s clear mind, we most likely will initially go through hell, and I am speaking from experience. It is pure hell when we really arrive at this depth of understanding of the current situation– because it also implies to feel in your body– what is happening to the earth today. You will feel it as fear, it will shock you to the core, it is loud, you’ll get ill, your whole body will be trembling, it is like an earthquake in your bofy, mind and psyche at the same time…

This is the crisis you will have to expect and go through, when you change your perspective and turn to the side of the living planet. The crisis cannot be avoided. But, it is my experience from the hells I have been through in this process, you can come out of it again. By then, however, you will have lost your illusions with respect to this society and civilization, its leaders, its institutions and its politics. You will have learned about the myriads of feelings we have at our disposal as human beings. Certain feelings have nearly been lost, such as deep sadness, deep joy, deep pain and a deep understanding. These are then re-emerging in all their intensity and beauty. And in the end there is one feeling in particular: LOVE. It is love as you have not experienced it before. Love is the feeling of all feelings. It is the reason why you feel at all! Love must be cosmic in origin because it has to do with our cosmic being, the living earth and all life on it.

  1. So, the answer is: “Cosmic Love” – instead of patriarchal hatred. This Love is much bigger and more powerful than hatred, because it is the cosmic force as such, whereas hatred is only a human invention or inversion, a mistake that can be let aside – not so: Cosmic Love. Cosmic Love is going to show us what to do, how to do it, and how to remain strong.

This love is, however, not an easy one. It does not replace our responsibility for what is happening on earth. On the contrary, it is defining this responsibility and leads us to not only feel, but also think and act on its behalf. It tells us that we indeed have the power to stop the violent transformation of the world around us. We have the power to re-organize our civilization until it will be in synchrony with Nature again – becoming a Civilization of Love, instead of hatred.

This is our duty as women and as humanity. We are the result of cosmic love. Thus, we are called to not only remember this, but to apply it as a power for our liberation. Liberation from the forces of hatred, violence, and war that are used to destroy and transform the living earth and all life into their opposite!

In a first step, we have to learn to love and support – the earth! So she can be and will be with us, now and in the future, supporting us with all her strength, as well. We can experience this in ritual settings and other methods we know.

Furthermore, we have to invent forms of support on how to go through hell and how to know about Love – i.e. we have to learn how to love, love on a deep and comprehensive level, including love for the more-than- human world. Love is the only power that is going to help us in the coming struggle –a struggle we can no longer avoid. The time has come to act and show that the human race is in support of and with the earth and with life itself, not against them!

Otherwise we will be lost in Armageddon, if not even a possible „Omnicide“ as Rosalie Bertell warns us.

However: a movement cannot be invented. It has to emerge by itself. It´s a mystery. A spiritual and collective love event is a mystery – it may happen or not. Nobody knows in advance.

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Claudia von Werlhof, born in 1943 near Berlin, Germany, is a University Professor of political sciences and women’s studies in Austria at Innsbruck, mother of a son. She co-invented the “Bielefeld School” in Germany, worked at the grass roots in Central- and South America, developed the “Critical Theory of Patriarchy”, co-founded FIPAZ (Research Institute for the Critique of Patriarchy and Alternative Civilizations), the “Planetary Movement for Mother Earth” and “BOOMERANG – Journal for the Critique of Patriarchy”.

She is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization, Montreal.


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SOURCE: Global WAR-NING! Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity

Edited by Prof. Claudia von Werlhof

After more than one year of “lockdowns” all over the world, the issue of “global warming” and “climate change” is back on the table of the international debate.

It seems that natural catastrophes have started to surround us everywhere – from the animal world next to us as well as from the sky above us. Is “nature” the enemy that has to be combatted today, be it by vaccinating humanity against the coronavirus that allegedly jumped out of the wilderness attacking us, be it by tearing down industrial production and consumption in order to avoid the alleged greenhouse gas CO2 emissions, being officially identified as the sole culprit of a so-called global warming? Or be it by applying methods of an alleged civil “geoengineering” against an ongoing climate change that seems to threaten the world?

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