What if we possessed the power to command the weather, just like the mythical gods and legendary heroes of old? It’s a concept that has thrilled us in the pages of comic books and ignited our imagination through epic tales of weather-wielding characters like Thor and Storm. But what if we told you that this astonishing ability to manipulate the weather is not confined to the realms of fantasy? Weather manipulation techniques have a long history, dating back to the mid-20th century. These early ventures set the stage for the militarization of weather manipulation and laid the foundation for future developments.

China has taken weather manipulation to new heights, surpassing other nations in its ambitious pursuit. Already capable of artificially manipulating the weather over its major cities, China’s aspirations reach even further. By 2025, it aims to extend its reach to modify the weather over half of its vast territory, a prospect that has raised concerns among neighboring countries, particularly India. At the heart of China’s weather manipulation program lies the technique of cloud seeding. Cloud seeding involves dispersing substances, such as silver iodide or liquid nitrogen, into clouds to stimulate the formation of ice crystals or water droplets, ultimately leading to increased precipitation.

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